5 NO PRINT Speech Materials to Download Now

ipad language lessons

It's Monday morning. You've got bus duty. Your next group of students is in 25 minutes. Once again, you've run out of fresh, new therapy ideas.

You LOVE your iPad, but you understand that your students have used those same apps for months now, and they are getting bored. You don't have time to cut, or color, or glue or laminate. You really would like to present your students with something novel and engaging, but once again, there's no plan time.

I've been here. About 100 times. And if I knew then, what I know NOW....I would have turned to myself and said.....

"Download THESE DIGITAL lessons to your Google Drive, and use them NOW. Yes, smart SLP. Right NOW."

These 5 lessons can be used on your iPad with NO PRINTING and NO PREP. All NO PRINT activities can be downloaded and used immediately. Store on your Google Drive, and make sure that you have the Google Drive App on your iPad. Each pdf can then be uploaded TO that Drive, and stored for easy transport and use. Perfect for traveling SLPs! If you add the app Notability (click here to read my blog on how), you can even annotate the pdfs to make each lesson interactive!

Did you know you can use dry erase markers (or window markers) right on the screen? Yes, you CAN! Students can circle, draw and write with markers on that iPad screen.

These 5 lessons target a wide variety of language skills on your elementary school caseload. Each lesson is NO PRINT, and displays beautifully on that iPad. And, unlike apps, these lessons give you more control over content, pace of the lesson, and skills to be targeted.

Time to sip that coffee, and make sure your iPad is fully charged :-).

Multi-Syllabic Words for Phonological Practice

MultiSyllabic words for Phono

WHOOOO Can Retell A Story

Retelling a Story

Sock Money Language Functions

Sock Monkey Functions

Conversation Cars: Keep the Conversation Going!

Conversation Cars

Flashcards Grids for /r/

Flashcard GRids for R

Do you have a Chromebook instead of an iPad? NO WORRIES! You can also use that laptop for saving digital NO PRINT lessons. Click HERE to find out how!

If you'd like to learn MORE about digital lessons that can be used for teletherapy and beyond, read here:https://www.thewhimsicalword.com/blog

NO PRINT and NO PREP products save you TIME and money. Every SLP should invest in a few materials to store in a cloud system, and use when time to plan is scare, and you've run out of laminating film. Schools today are moving towards PAPERLESS classrooms, so you therapy space should to. Try a FREE No Print product today! Click here to download!

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