How to Use Your Chromebook for Successful Speech Therapy

Chromebook Speech Therapy

Do you own a Chromebook? They are becoming VERY popular because of their size, weight and affordability. If you are a traveling SLP, chances are, you either bought yourself one, or have requested one from your School District. They are much lighter than your clunky laptop, and so easy to transport from school to school for basic computer needs. And, unlike iPads or tablets that use mobile views, Chromebooks work like a laptop for cleaner a website display.

Do you also know what Chromebooks have? GOOGLE DRIVE storage. If you own a Chromebook, you most likely have a Google email account, and hence, Google Drive capabilities. Why is this awesome? Because every Teachers Pay Teachers product you have purchased that is NO PRINT, you can upload to your Google Drive and USE for THERAPY. No printing. No laminating. No copying. This is pure heaven to most SLPs. Including me.

Here’s 5 easy steps to show you how to successfully use your Chromebook for Speech Therapy Sessions:

1. Purchase/Find a Chromebook. I got ours for less than $200 over the Holidays.

2. Make sure you have a Google email account. If you don’t have one, you can easily sign up for one! And it’s FREE.

3. Your Google email account comes with free storage, similar to One Drive in Outlook. I find it easier to use and locate items I need. Open your Google Drive, and click “new”, then “file upload”. Select your favorite NO PRINT Teachers Pay Teachers Product. Most likely, it’s in pdf form.

4. When it’s therapy time, go BACK to your Google Drive, and select the material you would like to use for your session. It will appear beautifully on your screen.

Chrome Book Speech Therapy

5. Use window or dry erase markers RIGHT on the screen of the Chromebook to circle answers or make selections. Like this!

(Click on EACH picture to see the product in view)

You can store every TPT product on your drive and easily use it for therapy sessions all week long. It saves time, planning, and trees. Plus, students are highly intrigued by technology. Any chance they get to use your iPad or Chromebook, they are immediately interested. And you are then voted BEST SLP ever for changing it up, and not giving the kids another worksheet.

Grab yourself some EASY, NO PRINT Lessons for your students here!

You will thank me later for saving you time at the printer and laminator.

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