3 Ways To Use No Print Lessons in Tabletop Speech Therapy

No Print Speech Therapy

Until I became a teletherapist, I admit I was slightly addicted to the printer. And my flashcards. And my workbooks. As an SLP who worked "on the ground", I LOVED my "gold standards". When it came time for my first "digital" online therapy session, I was panic stricken over HOW I was going to continue to use these "gold standards" in a virtual setting.

Thank goodness for TPT. AND the "NO PRINT" lesson created by an amazing SLP. I began to collect lots of products that could be easily displayed on my teletherapy platform. Bright, colorful and NO PREP. I loved these new materials so much, I began to create my own.

A few months later, I returned to the world of "table top" therapy, when I opened a small home clinic in order to service kids locally. Once again....panic stricken! I had a GREAT collection of NO PRINT lessons for the virtual world. But, HOW was I going to use those products I had invested in during face-to-face sessions? Have YOU ever purchased a NO PRINT/Paperless product, then weren't exactly sure HOW to use it? I've got you covered......

1). Invest in the Notability App. Especially if you have an iPad. I'm not going to lie...it's an expensive app at $9.99. But, trust me when I say it's worth every penny. Through this app, you can retrieve ANY NO PRINT digital lesson that has been stored on your iPad (I keep mine in my Google Drive Folder). With the Notability App, you can annotate your pdf files by typing on them, drawing, circling, sketching and coloring. Your students can resize things if needed, and move pieces around. NO PRINTING. It will feel like using an app, but YOU control the content with your NO PRINT lesson. Check out Notability by clicking here. I have a blog post dedicated to using Notability! Click here to read it!

2). Don't have an iPad? Use your Chromebook OR your Laptop. Most of us have a Google Drive Account. You can easily retrieve your NO PRINT paperless products from your Drive. If you prefer, store all of your lessons digitally on your flashdrive. I'll be honest, I often use dry erase markers RIGHT on my screen. But, if you aren't comfortable with that, grab some blank paper. Use the products as spring boards for written work. Use the stimulus items for discussions. Use the slides as simply a display, and if your students are required to "write" or "answer", use a hand held dry erase board instead! Most NO PRINT products often work like a slide show, so "present" them digitally to your students, and be creative in how they are required to respond.

3.) SMART Boards? Yeah, most of us aren't lucky enough to have an Interactive Whiteboard. But, if you do.... YOU are in luck. Your students can manipulate and interact with NO PRINT material, even if it's simply circling an answer or tapping it. Kids can stand, move around, and take turns on the large screen. Those NO PRINT materials will save you loads of planning and time, while NOT at the printer.

These 3 options will allow you to integrate NO PRINT digital materials into your therapy sessions. And, your students will thank you! What student ISN'T motivated by an iPad, or an Interactive Whiteboard? I know my students would sometimes groan when I brought out another worksheet, file folder game, or laminated flashcard peeling from both ends. To be honest, once I started teletherapy, I quickly realized what a RELIC I had become. Bringing my iPad to private sessions, while being able to control the content, has been a HUGE time saver and student motivator.

Take back your lunch break, and give paperless digital materials a try this school year. You will find them a happy addition to your "gold standard" toolbox, no matter what method you use to display them.

Looking to start a NO PRINT digital toolbox? Check out my TPT store for lessons! Every product is designed to be digitally displayed.

Would you like to learn more about using Google Drive to store NO PRINT lessons? Click here to read more!

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