My Top 5 Teletherapy Favorites of 2017

Teletherapy Favorites

The year is quickly coming to a close. I simply cannot believe it. In January, I was just beginning to feel settled in teletherapy, I created my TPT Store, and launched this VERY website and blog. 2017 has delivered so many blessings at my feet. I'm overjoyed and humbled while reflecting on each moment.

With that being said, I'm SO excited to share with you my absolute FAVORITES of 2017. If you are a teletherapist like me, or are considering the job change, take notes! Here are some goodies you will DEFINITELY want to consider to make your life easy and full of joy! (*No affiliate links here. Just good old recommendations!)

#5 Favorite: My cookbook stand.

"Whaaaaaat?", you say? Yeah, super weird to need or use a recipe stand for teletherapy. But I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I use my metal stand to prop up my iPad for taking data on students, or to display my lesson plans for the day, upright. I also use cute decorative clips on top to hold important notes or reminders! Sometimes, I even put my daily planner on it. Everything I place against the stand is at eye level, and sturdy! And, it looks super cool on my desk because it's unique. You can find one most anywhere, but look for one that is heavy and not likely to collapse.

#4 Favorite: Hue Leggings.

When you sit all day long, you must be comfortable, right? But, I still always like to look stylish. Black leggings pretty much go with ANYTHING, but, I wear them so often that they fade quickly with regular washing. That changed when I came across Hue Ponte leggings! They are thicker than regular leggings, and the fabric stays true black, even after several washings. I bought about 4 pairs at once (gasp, I know), and they are worth every penny. Some pairs even have back pockets for a cell phone or ID if you need it. Pair with a cute tunic or off the shoulder sweater! My favorite has been my Johnny Cash Tee with a hot pink flannel. Throw on my cowgirl boots when I need to pick up the kids and I'm ready!

#3 Favorite: My Himalayan Salt Lamp

Having the luxury of designing my own office has really been the highlight of my year. My entire career, until teletherapy, has been spent in dusty broom closets with barely enough light to see my students. Or, air to BREATHE. This spring, I added a Himalayan Salt lamp to my desk! The soft glow is calming, and they claim to reduce the electromagnetic energy produced by computers and tablets. On a snowy day, I love to feel the warmth and see the glow the lamp emits. It definitely lifts my spirit, especially during the long work day when breaks are few.

#2 Favorite: Origins Ginger Hand Lotion

I know Origins Whipped Body Souffle was on Oprah's Favorite Things list like a million years ago. But I STILL love it. I keep the lighter version, the hand lotion, in my top drawer. No matter what the month, I use it religiously to keep my hands hydrated (lots of clicking, ya know!), and boost my mood with the wonderful scent. It's a splurge at $20, but one bottle lasts me a year. Well worth it!

#1 Favorite: Today's Plan of Attack Notepad

Working at home can prove challenging, as I battle my work "to-do" list AND the daily life of a mom and wife. I received this notepad FREE at a great conference I attended, and now I am hooked! This little sticky note keeps me focused when I have several tasks piling up. Each day, I complete one page for WORK and one page for HOME. It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed when the weeks are busy and filled with activities and meetings. I ordered several more for my stash, and even gave some to my hubby! He agrees that this simple little pad helps keep him focused on "today".

These 5 things help to keep me focused, happy and ready to take on the day. I love working from home, and teletherapy has given me such amazing flexibility to be an entrepreneur, a mother and an SLP. Consider adding some of these things to your daily routine and I'm sure you will enjoy them just as much as I do!

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