Using Notability For Speech Therapy: A Step By Step Guide

No Print Speech Therapy

I absolutely LOVE No Print products. Not only do they save time and money, but they are better for our environment (less garbage!). I think every SLP should have a few NO PRINT and NO PREP products on hand for pushing into classrooms, and for traveling between buildings.

I use my NO PRINT products on my teletherapy platform. However, digital lessons CAN easily be used during table-top, traditional therapy. I love to use the Notability App to allow my students to annotate and interact with digital products. With a tablet or smart phone in hand, it's easy to present material, then circle, type, color or indicate choices. Let me show you how!

STEP 1: Download an amazing NO PRINT NO PREP product from TpT. I have a few freebies you might enjoy. It's best to do this from your laptop or desktop.

STEP 2: SAVE this product to your favorite cloud system. I love Google Drive, but, you can also use Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or WebDAV.

STEP 3: Grab your iPad or tablet. Download the app for your cloud system, AND the Notability App. Notability is a paid app, and it's a bit pricey. But let me tell you, it's worth every penny! Now go ahead, and log into both apps.

STEP 4: Now, here's where it can get a bit tricky.

* Get in to your Notability App. On the top left of the screen, there are 3 horizontal lines, indicating a menu. Tap on the menu, then go to the bottom of that page, and tap the wheel icon, indicating settings.

*In settings (wheel icon), you must log IN to your preferred cloud system, by tapping "Manage Accounts". Here, will find one of the cloud systems listed above.

*Log in to your preferred cloud system from these setting by following the prompts.

STEP 5: Now, you are successfully logged into your cloud system, and can begin downloading products that are housed there, so you can successfully annotate the pdf pages. Tap out of settings, and head to the page titled "All Notes".

*Swipe down on your screen, so you see a "search" bar.

*Next to the search bar, is a tiny "download" icon, next to the word "Sort".

*Tap on the download icon to upload a product from your cloud system.

*Find the product you wish to download, and tap it.

*Notability will ask you to "import" this product. Hit "Create New Note".

*All of the pages in your document will automatically be selected. So hit "Import" on the top right side.

*Hit "Done" to head back to your Notes Library. You should see your product listed here!

STEP 6: Time to interact with your product! Hit the product listed you wish to view. Now you will see an annotation bar at the top of your product. Here's what each does:

* Hand: Your most important tool. Click on this to type text, use a pencil, a marker, erase, cut or simply move the pdf around on the screen with a finger. You can also access your camera to add photos to your product.

*Microphone: Use this to add audio clips to your pdf.

*Wrench: I use this icon to share my completed, marked up pdf with kids for homework! Or to send to a printer.

You can continue to go into your cloud system and upload all the products you desire. Or, you can simply create a new note with your students, as if you were using a digital drawing pad.

If you are looking for NO PRINT products that work perfectly with Notability, head to my TpT store! I have over 80 colorful, digital products that don't require scissors. glue, or laminating film. Download a free or paid product today!

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