My Top 5 Teletherapy Favorites of 2018

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2018 has been a spectacular year for telethealth. More professions are servicing their clients, patients and students remotely than ever before. We are making headway while collecting evidence-based research, and creating policy changes in licensure and medicaid reimbursement.

For me, 2018 has been especially busy! In continuing my role as a school-based TeleSLP, entrepreneur and author/blogger, I have found several things that have helped make my life EASIER and BRIGHTER! I bring to you my absolute FAVORITE things of 2018! These are some goodies you DON'T want to miss!

1) Boom Cards. Yes. You've heard me say it a million times. But, I will say it again. For us SLPs who work remotely, and can share control of a screen, Boom Cards have revolutionized our therapy. Boom Cards have given us the biggest push ever to ditch those black & white worksheets, and create lessons that engage and motivate our students. Boom Cards are self-checking, interactive flashcards that live in the cloud at Boom Learning. Once you purchase a deck, they are available through their website, or the Boom Cards app (for your iPad or phone). My favorite decks this year include Category Sorting Fun by BVG SLP and Speech Stacks All Sounds Articulation Bundle by TeleTalk. You can purchase on TpT OR on Boom Learning directly!

2) #TeleSLPeeps on Instagram. I've spent the year REALLY getting to know Instagram intimately. As a beginning author (and more mature therapist, cough cough), I spent the majority of time searching for resources and collaborating with other therapists on Facebook. In 2018, I jumped headfirst into Instagram, and WOW! I followed #TeleSLPeeps and got a first hand glimpse of teletherapy in action. Instagram is a great way to find out about NEW products others are using in sessions, and get a sneak peek into the lives of other SLPs providing remote services. DotCom Therapy often has Instagram takeovers, where a therapist walks you through her day in photos, and in video clips on InstaStories. More recently, the #SLPsGoDigital group hosts a SALE each month on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) featuring NO PRINT, platform friendly materials for SLPs. Instagram is BOOMING with fresh, new ideas daily, and the photos inspire me to be a better TeleSLP every day.

3) Adjustable Monitor Stands. I couldn't figure out why my neck was hurting day after day. I had been doing yoga and stretching daily. My massage therapist mentioned I had "tech neck" symptoms- looking down at my computer or phone too long, while straining the muscles in my neck. Ahhhh. Guilty as charged. I purchased these adjustable monitor stands for my laptop and 2nd monitor screen. My neck instantly felt relieved! I'm more careful now to keep my phone or other devices at eye level when I can.

4) Lou & Grey at Loft. Even though I work from home, I still find it important to get dressed every day, put on makeup and do my hair. I want to maintain a professional look, while still feeling comfortable and cozy. Loft features a small collection from Lou & Grey, and often, these pieces are included in their 40% off sales that run about once per month. I'm a HUGE fan of their fleece-lined leggings, oversized sweaters and Signaturesoft tees! Of course, I often pair with a fun accessory, like earrings or a necklace on meeting days, or when I have an important place to be after work. But I love the versatility of the pieces, and the way they layer to achieve different looks. Perfect for the wardrobe of a TeleSLP!

5) Magnetic Weekly Planner from Purple Trail. I'll admit I'm still a "paper person". I DO keep all of my appointments electronically on my phone. And my Google Calendar keeps track of my meetings and my scheduled sessions. BUT, I remember things better when I write them down. Each Friday, before I close out the work week, I write down my schedule for the week ahead. I love the way this planner from Purple Trail is organized. I choose one flair pen color when writing work appointments, and one color for home activities. I keep this planner on my desk for reference each day. I find the colors of this one pleasing, and it matches my home office so....I had to buy it :-). I don't necessarily need the magnetic backing, but it's handy if needed.

These are the TOP 5 things that have I used or needed in 2018. I hope that your year has been SPECTACULAR, whatever setting you are in. If you are ready to give Speech Telepractice a try, head on over to my podcast to learn more! Or, if you think 2019 is the year to add some NO PRINT products to your toolbox, check out my growing collection of iPad friendly resources. Thank you for making 2018 a memorable one, whether you are a subscriber, follower, or customer. I'm very blessed to call you my colleague!

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