The Most Helpful Websites for Teletherapy with Students

Teletherapy with Students

One of the greatest things about speech therapy is that therapists can turn the simplest of things into a powerful communication tool. Bubbles, boxes, name it.

In teletherapy, our physical materials might be limited. However, there are amazing websites that can be used to promote communication skills for any age. I use online sources to target articulation skills, main idea, pragmatics, fluency and phonological development, often...simultaneously.

I've listed my favorite websites (both free and paid) below for you to bookmark as you begin your teletherapy journey. How you use each website is up to you, but hopefully you will find these just as helpful as I have.

Boom Learning: Boom Cards are interactive flashcards that provide immediate feedback to students, like a app, but more controlled.

ABCYa: Games and videos that target common core standards, and just FUN activities students need language to participate in (grades Pre-K through 6)

Epic: Online Books from Scholastic. Use your school email to create a free account!

Storyline Online: Streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

IXL: Activities that target common core standards in all subject areas, but I love the ELA section. Perfect for Pre-K through high school.

Memozor: Free memory games, because we know we can't get enough of those!

Newsela: Current topics and articles to use with older students. Perfect for skills like main idea, details, answering questions, vocabulary, synonyms, and more!

Tiny Tap: Activities for your youngest clients who need basic, interactive activities.

OwlieBoo: Games and mouse activities for students who are just beginning to use technology, or need activities for basic vocabulary.

Quia: Create vocabulary quizzes and games for your students who can read. Or, view what others have already created!

National Geographic Kids: Games, videos and articles full of vocabulary for animals, science and history.

ReadWorks: Articles and Stories with coordinating questions that target reading comprehension and higher level thinking skills.

Super Teacher Worksheets: Worksheets for reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and more!

Mommy Speech Therapy: Free downloads for articulation worksheets. Perfect for homework too!

CoughDrop AAC: Free account for those who support communicators. I create AAC Boards to screen share when modeling language for students.

Highlights for Kids: Hidden picture activities are great for generating language, and articulation carryover.

Primary Games: Fun activities to motivate students, online coloring, and more!

Jeopardy Labs: Think online Jeopardy! Find or create games of your own to work on vocabulary and more.

Vooks: A kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks. Educators get a free subscription for one year.

YouTube: Wonderful collections of videos to motivate students, encourage conversations, make inferences, etc. Our favorites are Ellen's Epic or Fail, Pixar's Wordless videos, and anything from Disney that we can turn into a powerful therapy session.

While this isn't EVERYTHING on the internet that you can use for therapy, I hope this gives you a start when building up your teletherapy toolbox.

Don't forget! You can also mirror your iPad with your favorite apps, search Pinterest for "teletherapy" or "no print speech" materials. You can use those same search terms on Teachers Pay Teachers to find free and paid materials that you can use to target specific goals with students.

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