How To Use Digital Resources After The Pandemic

Speech Therapy After The Pandemic

How about this season we are in, huh?


I know that you SLPs have scoured the ends of the earth building up a NEW wealth of resources to be used with ALLLL the platforms.

You've learned it all. Boom. Zoom. Meet. Pdf. Interactive pdfs. Annotation. Screen sharing.

The reality is that, eventually....the majority of you will be back in your therapy rooms/closets/hallways come August. I'm sure you will be thinking..."I've got all of these digital materials. But NOW what?"

If you watched my SLP Summit presentation in July, you know that it is VERY possible to use each and every digital, no print resource when you get back to your brick + mortar setting. You've probably got everything you already need. Hooray!

So, let's talk WiFi and devices. Most resources you have purchased will continue to be easy to use regardless of internet access and device you have on hand . I'll break this down, and tell you what you'll still need.

Boom Cards™

  • Yes, you'll need WiFi or cellular data

  • Works on laptops, desktops smart board, tablet (get the Boom Card app) or cell phone (app)

Static pdfs

  • No WiFi needed

  • Works on laptops, desktops, iPad (open in iBooks, Adobe, Google Drive), smart boards

  • Use TpT's new EASEL tool to annotate pdfs like a pro!

  • Add the app Notability if you want to be able to annotate (see my blog post here on how to do that)

Interactive pdfs

  • No WiFi needed

  • Works on laptops, desktops, iPad (open in iBooks or Powerpoint), smart boards

Google Drive Resources

  • No WiFi needed

  • Works on laptops, desktops, iPad (get the Drive app), smart boards


  • Yes, you'll need wifi

  • Probably best to use a computer or tablet to make content visible and interactive

  • Some websites will have apps (ABCya, Tiny Tap, Newsela, etc.) so you can use them easily on an iPad or tablet

I want you to feel 100% comfortable using the new resources that you've purchased in ANY setting, when you find it appropriate and engaging for your students. Remember...students learn and retain MORE when they feel like they've had FUN. It's a great idea to vary the media and intervention tools you use each week to keep things novel.

Those digital materials you have purchased require ZERO prep, ZERO printing and ZERO lamination. They are perfect while traveling from building to building, during IEP season when plan time disappears, or even when providing RTI services for students in groups.

Soon, your teletherapy days will be over. But, that doesn't mean you have to forget about the new tools you've learned. I hope as summer fades and fall begins, you'll continue to add more digital resources to your therapy repertoire. If you forget, there's a good chance your students will remind you....

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